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The company has professional R & D teams in optics, software, electronics, image processing, precision machinery, automation control, etc., focusing on the R & D and production of technology in the field of measurement and detection of Opto electromechanical digital precision instruments, which are widely used in the measurement of 2D and 3D complex dimensions of industrial vision and the detection of product defects. Independent research and development of industrial visual inspection system, CNC and robot control system, industrial robot workstation and other software and hardware products. We have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of non-standard equipment, rich experience in industrial vision and reverse point cloud projects, covering digital, intelligent, unmanned and other solutions in the intelligent upgrading of the factory, and providing customers with three coordinates, imager, altimeter, tool setting instrument, flickermeter, online space measuring instrument, grating ruler, intelligent online detection equipment, visual online monitoring equipment, etc, We can provide R & D, design, processing, manufacturing, after-sales and other integrated services according to various customer needs.

The company fully implements ISO9001:2000 quality system standard for management, strictly carries out production process control, production process documentation, personnel training and skill assessment, so as to ensure that the quality management can be fully implemented in every link.

Over the years, the company has established a very close and effective cooperative relationship with the scientific research institutions of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Jilin University, Beijing University of technology, Shanghai Donghua University and other universities, making use of the rich talents and theoretical advantages of university scientific research institutions, combined with the accumulated technology and practical experience of the industry for a long time, so that we can create outstanding products and serve customers.

For a long time, we have actively participated in the formulation of various standards in the industry, and introduced new standards in the current international counterparts, so as to join hands with peers to promote the development of the industry.